Ashes Cricket (2018) Game: 5 Reasons To Buy It (Instead Of Using Crack)


BigAnt Studios has recently announced official Ashes Cricket game. And just after watching the trailer of the game I was eager to buy that game.

But the sad part for me is that people are asking me to upload the cra#ked version of the Ashes Cricket.

And by this post I want to told them I am not going to upload that.

To be honest, I always buy the things which I use. And if you are wondering why I am talking about purchasing this cricket game then, read this post to know the reason.

If you buy ashes cricket or any other game then, you get the official support from the developers.

If you use cra#ked version of the game then, why the developers will help you.

Think yourself?

2. Virus Free

There's no guarantee that the game you have downloaded from other server will be virus free.

So, instead of damaging your PC for just a few dollars just buy it.

3. Can Play With Online Players

If you are using cra#cked version of this game the, you are going to miss this feature.


Because the server of this game is connected to the stream and in cra#cked version of the game you will not get this feature.

4. Cannot Download Community Created Data

As I mentioned earlier, the server of Ashes Cricket game is connected with the stream.

And you will not be able to download any community created data from Academy.

This also means you are going to miss important updates too!

5. Will Support The Developer

It will support the developer of the game if you buy. Because BigAnt Studios have invested money in giving the most realistic gaming experience.

It will help them for their future projects too!


After reading this post if you have made your mind to buy games. Then, I think it will be a success for me. But it's up to you if buy it or not.

But you can leave your comments about this post about what you are going to do now.

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