ASHES Cricket Review – Best Cricket Game So Far!

Big Ant Studios is back with a new cricket game:

The Ashes Cricket.

This is the successor to Don Bradman Cricket 17. The Ashes is the most fiercely contested test cricket series played every two years between England & Australia.

Releasing a game ahead of this year's Ashes which begins on November 23 is a smart move.

So how do we get another cricket game less than a year. Because cricket Australia which governs the sport down under invested in this game.

This means that finally fans get fully licensed cricket teams from England & Australia.

You can now play as Joe Root, Steve Smith or even as Sarah Taylor.

Yes, even women teams from these two countries are fully licensed.

Sadly, players from other nationed aren't licensed. But Ashes Cricket has a mod called cricket Academy that lets you to create your own players. Even you can import players created by others.

This is a temporary fix and hopefully more cricket boards allow Big Ant Cricket to license their teams for future cricket games.

The Ashes Series is of course the highlight of Ashes Cricket. In the Ashes Mode you can play all the matches for this year's series for both the men and women.

The Most obvious change is in batting animation. Ashes Cricket has some authentic touches that make every player look unique instead of generic player moments.

You will notice when you see players such as, Steve Smith taking guard and they look exactly look real life counterparts. Note this does not apply to every player but some of them have it and it's really good.


It's fair to say that batting shots have never looked real as they do as in this game.

However, batsman still don't even move after being hit on the helmet by a bouncer which is just unbelievable.

Similarly, bowling animations are quite realistic too! That means bowlers look authentic too.

The game can still improve on bowler's running style as we felt it's too similar for most fast bowlers.

The biggest problem with ashes cricket is it's fielding AI.

We've seen the fielder takes a catch after the ball bounced off their heads.

In real life that would have to let to a minor concussion and not a wild celebration.

Fielders have messed easy catches because they refuse to move two steps behind and they still don't chase the ball hard enough and often look totally unrealistic when completing catches.

Fielding aside there wasn't any major cause for complaint with Ashes Cricket but weak feilding makes the overall experience a lot less authentic.

The Batting is not so easy but we managed to learn most shots fast enough. The bowling requires a lot more practice and we still haven't mastered it.

We've reached the level where we don't concede too many extra runs. But we are far from wicket taking bowlers in this game.

Ashes Cricket has a variety of game modes such as the ashes tournament  & carrier.

You can create your own tournaments, play against others online or just spend a lot of time in tutorial section.

The carrier mode is the most interesting in terms of engagements as you can spend a long time as young players and turning them into superstars. You can even play carrier as a superstar. But it's not as much as fun as playing young player.

Note you can either play the full match or just one player's role but we definitely prefer the letter.

Overall the Ashes cricket is a very nice cricket game that's improved a lot over DBC 17. Some familiar flaws such as weak fielding and average commentary remain. Which take a lot away from the game.